How to Lower Your Truck Driver Turnover Rate

Truck Driver Turnover Image

The trucking industry has over a 100 percent turnover rate for truck drivers.

To put it into perspective, imagine you run a trucking operation with 50 drivers. A 100 percent turnover rate means you will need to bring in 50 new drivers in a one year time period just to maintain the same number of 50 drivers in your fleet.

What this means is that a large percentage of the trucking companies’ fleet sizes are comprised of drivers that have been with the company for less than one year.

So, how does a trucking company decrease it’s driver turnover rate and increase driver retention?

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One comment on “How to Lower Your Truck Driver Turnover Rate

  1. I appreciate all of the words that you had to share here about truck driver turnover and how to keep them with you. My brother in law is thinking about starting up his own transportation company and this information would be really vital for him. I think that as you take care of your employees and give them the right technology and software, you can help them stay as most other companies would not have those available. Thanks again!

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