Home Office Tax Deductions for Owner Operators

There are two requirements to claim a deduction for an office in your home.  The first requirement is that the area you claim must be used exclusively and regularly for conducting business.  Additionally, you must show that you use this space in your home either as your principle place of business or, if you have […]

Investing in Technology is a Smart Move

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Minnesota Trucking Association’s annual Safety Conference and was struck by how Con-Way Freight has effectively leveraged technology to vastly improve their safety record and fuel consumption. The three things that stood out the most to me were their use of EOBR’s, collision avoidance systems and truck […]

Welcome to the Trucking News & Insurance Blog

The transportation industry comprises the backbone of the American economy, and is fundamental to our way of life. This makes the ongoing success of such businesses in the best interest of everyone. Yet most trucking operations lack appropriate coverage to protect their business in the event of a collision, accident, burglary, liability claim, force of […]