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In 1983, we obtained contracts with various insurance companies to provide policies. Some of the companies were Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, Minnesota Mutual Fire & Casualty Company, Transamerica Insurance, and Great West Casualty Company. At that time, the insurance industry was in a hard market position. Despite that position, our agency prospered.

As many insurance companies were jumping on and off of the transportation insurance band wagon, Great West remained a constant. Because of the commitment our agency has made to the transportation industry, we dropped the contracts that were not interested in remaining in the market "for the long haul".

Truck Writers strives to provide coverages with reputable insurance companies that will provide our insureds with comprehensive services other than just insurance.

We are the Third Party Administrator for a Workers' Compensation program in the state of Minnesota. This program is Midwest Safety Group Self Insurance Association.

Third Party Administrator

Truck Writers, Inc. is a licensed Third Party Administrator in the state of Minnesota. This license was granted on November 13, 1990.

The coverages written are for Workers' Compensation, Liability, and Property and Casualty insurance. The license extends to the functions of Accounting and Record Retention, Actuarial Services, Claims Administration, General Administration, Insurance Services, Loss Control and Safety, Rehabilitation Services, and Risk Management and Analysis.

The focus is on the transportation industry. Clients consist of both individual trucking companies and groups of trucking companies. The driving force is on safety and loss prevention to assist companies in their cost containment and to provide a safe and profitable work environment for their employees.

Midwest Safety Group

In 1986, we took a survey of truckers to see exactly what problems they were facing in this cyclical business. With the information gathered, an idea was formed to offer a viable and affordable workers’ compensation program to qualified trucking firms. Donald Sullivan came up with the idea of starting a self-insured association. In order for this association to be profitable, the underwriting had to be selective with financial and loss analysis, including a focus on management practices and attitudes.

Ever since its inception in 1991, the Midwest Safety Group Self Insurance Association (MSG) has grown from two large trucking firms to fifty. With the understanding in mind that bigger is not always better, we have continued our stringent and thorough underwriting as well as setting up a claim adjusting service second to none. All claims are met head on and our adjusters contact each injured person immediately after a claim is reported. Return to work programs have also been structured with each association member so that light duty jobs could be provided to keep the employee in a workplace atmosphere. This, along with our safety engineering efforts for each association member, has allowed us to maintain a 30% loss ratio over the past 12 years. The industry average for worker's compensation is around 129%.