Transportation Alternative Risk Plan (TARP)

A trucking-specific, group captive based in Minnesota.

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Considering a captive insurance option?

Since 2001, TARP has allowed member companies to continue to be competitively priced on their trucking insurance.

Transportation Alternative Risk Plan (TARP) is an insurance captive comprised of local and like-minded individuals from the trucking industry. Based on nearly 20 years of program loss data, TARP allows each participating company to better manage losses and control insurance costs.

Benefits of the TARP captive:

  • Assists member companies in establishing loss prevention as a culture.
  • Premiums based on individual losses, even though TARP is a group captive.
  • Lower than industry-average collateral requirements.

Pre-Qualification Criteria:

  • 50+ power unit trucking company domiciled in the Midwest
  • Financially sound
  • Profitable (5) year loss history
  • Strong risk tolerance
  • Willing to share risk of the group
  • Sound management, hiring and risk management