Best Truck Stop Food in the Midwest

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There’s nothing worse than a long day on the road, and then ending up at a dingy truck stop with crappy food. We’ve taken to to research what the public believes to be the best truck stops/restaurants in the Midwest.

Best Truck Stop Food in the Midwest


Apple Barrel (Percival, IA; Exit 10 off I-29)

Grandma Max’s (Altoona, IA; Exit 142-A off I-80 and Des Moines, IA; Exit 126 off I-35/80)


Nelson Bros Restaurant & Bakery (Clearwater, MN; Exit 178 off I-94)

Clearwater Travel Plaza (Petro) (Clearwater, MN)


Harry’s Diner (Sheboygan, WI; Exit 128 off I-43)


Beef-A-Roo (South Beloit, IL; Exit 1 off I-39/90)

Star 66 Café (Springfield, IL; Exit 100-A off I-55)


Point Restaurant (Ft. Wayne, IN; Exit 109-A off I-69)

Trail Tree Restaurant (Rensselaer, IN; Exit 2015 off I-65)


Country Pride Restaurant (Ann Arbor, MI; Exit 167 off I-94) More locations


Rambler’s Roost (Middle Point, OH; Lincoln HWY)

R&H Restaurant (Fayette, OH off US-20)

Unfortunately, we are writing these reviews from behind a desk, not on the road. If you disagree, let us know! Please share which truck stops you think serve up the best food in the Midwest using the comments section below.

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One comment on “Best Truck Stop Food in the Midwest

  1. Sorry Charlie, but there’s a whole lot more to rating a truck stop than what they serve on the buffet. Three critical measures you could easily overlook from behind a desk are Parking, Restrooms and Showers. Good food means little if you can’t find a parking spot. Stops with only three or four showers mean you’ll have to wait an hour or so for your turn, and finally, wether you’re eating at the restaurant, or skipping the shower this time, everyone will need to visit the restroom at least once. Consider a truck stop with 100 parking spots available in the evening, but only three, sit-down toilets available in the morning, and you’ll quickly realize “good food” is a secondary issue.

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