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3 Things to Look for in a Trucking Insurance Agency

By August 24, 2016April 26th, 2019No Comments

When it comes to partnering with an insurance agency, you want to be sure that your business is going to be in the right hands. Here are three things we recommend you look for in an agency:

#1 Quality Service

Customer service should be the number one priority of every insurance agency. You want to make sure that you have an enjoyable experience with your trucking insurance agency. One of the best ways to ensure this is to partner with an agency whose insureds are assigned a team. The benefit of a team to the insured is that each time you call to discuss an aspect of your insurance, you will be speaking with someone who is familiar with your business operations. You don’t want to wait for someone in a call center, who has no knowledge of your business beyond what’s provided to them in your file, to try and help you.

Another important facet of customer service is timeliness. When you call your agency, odds are the matter you are looking to discuss is time sensitive. Whether it getting a Certificate of Insurance to a shipper, reporting a claim, or simply adding a vehicle or driver to your policy, turnaround time impacts your trucking business. Better yet, partner with a trucking insurance agency that offers a self-service portal. You can then issue important documents, like Certificates of Insurance, 24/7/365.

#2 Risk Management Initiatives

Your truck insurance agency shouldn’t just be there for you when something goes wrong. They should be working with you to prevent something from happening in the first place. Be sure to partner with a trucking insurance agency that offers to help you and your business with safety and compliance; whether its aiding in the creation of driver manuals and safety posters, or simply alerting you of breaking industry news and regulations.

#3 Familiarity with Trucking Industry

It’s key to find a trucking insurance agency that only specializes in the trucking industry. Dedicated agencies will be involved in various trucking-related associations and advocate for your industry. By having a deeper understanding of the trucking industry, an agency will better be able to adapt and prepare your business insurance-wise.

Truck Writers specializes in the trucking industry, and only the trucking industry. To learn more about our insurance services, please visit our website today.

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