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impaired driving

Alcohol, Speeding and Distractions Cause Most Trucking Fatalities

By January 5, 2016April 26th, 2019No Comments

With 2015 vehicle fatalities up from 2014, commercial fleet owners need to determine and resolve potential safety issues within the organization. National studies have shown that most vehicle fatalities are caused by impaired driving, speeding and distracted driving.

Distracted Driving Issues

Commercial fleets that have installed safety monitoring equipment have discovered some common issues when it comes to distracted driving.

Despite the regulations passed regarding hands free cell phone use, using a hand held phone while driving a commercial vehicle is still an issue. And hands free phone use can also create a safety situation if the driver is focused more on the conversation than they are their driving.

Cell phone use isn’t the only device-related issue that arises during long delivery routes. Other devices, such as tablets, laptops and wearable technology distract drivers as they search for ways to pass the time.

When time is of an issue, drivers will also try to eat or drink while on the road. Eating and driving can be distracting and prohibit drivers from reacting the way they should when situations arise.

Even without technology or food getting in the way, truck drivers can find passengers distracting as they travel long distances. Outside distractions, such as drivers, scenery or road signs can pull away the driver’s attention from the road.

It only takes a momentary lapse in concentration to cause a fatal crash. With the human factor being the cause of 94% of trucking fatalities, it is important to reduce distracted and impaired driving.  Contact us to learn more about transportation safety, risk reduction, and coverages.

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