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APU Weight Exemption Guide

By May 17, 2017April 26th, 2019No Comments

Auxiliary power units (commonly called APUs) eliminate the need for trucks to run their engines on idle while they park and are often used by truck drivers to monitor fuel use.

One disadvantage of these units is that they normally weigh several hundred pounds, and could be a problem for drivers who carry close to maximum weight limits.

Additionally, with the President Obama’s expansion of the MAP-21 bill dealing with state-by-state APU regulations, this may be confusing to drivers who often cross state lines.

Below we’ve placed a convenient chart, courtesy of Track Your Truck. The chart notifies drivers just how much APU weight is exempt in each state. Keep in mind that state laws can change, so drivers and fleet professionals should always check weight allowances before traveling at max capacity.

Check it out:


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