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Be Prepared to Stop: A World Without Trucks

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Many of those not working in the transportation or trucking industries do not realize the importance of trucks, and truckers, to our daily lives. Filmmaker Jennifer Clymer recently finished Be Prepared to Stop, a documentary depicting the necessity of truck drivers and trucks on the road.

Be Prepared to Stop

Clymer made the film in memory of her grandfather, who was a truck driver. She believes that the importance of the trucking industry is being overlooked. As the film’s website reads, “We rely on those roads and the countless big rigs rolling down them to supply us with just about everything we use every day. But this round-the-clock lifeline has become so entrenched in our daily routines, we don’t even notice it any more. Now that neglect is reaching a crisis point.”

Five Days Without a Truck

A portion of Be Prepared to Stop focuses on what would happen if all truckers were to stop delivering goods and services for five days. The outcome is quite bleak.

First 24 Hours

  • Your grocery store runs out of milk
  • Medicine is not available at your pharmacy
  • You can’t send letters or packages
  • Your hospital has no clean linens

Day 2

  • Your local gas station is low on fuel
  • Sanitation problems begin to mount
  • Your local stores are out of cash
  • ATM’s run out of money

Day 3

  • You’re out of gas
  • Your grocery store has no fresh produce
  • Your bank is closed
  • People hoard due to panic

Day 4

  • Emergency vehicles are out of gas
  • Public transportation stops
  • All airports close
  • Garbage piles up in the streets

Day 5

Let’s just say, we hope we never have to suffer through five days without trucks. The video is available on YouTube, or you can learn more about the project on the website.

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