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Driver Fatigue Issues Go Beyond HOS

By January 14, 2016April 26th, 2019No Comments

Driver fatigue is a major safety issue for the transportation industry. The fact that driver fatigue was involved in 20% of major crashes reviewed by the NTSB has lead the board to make it number one on their 2016 Top Issues List. However, if commercial fleets are going to create plans to reduce the risk of driver fatigue, they need to understand the contributing factors.

More Than Just HOS

Driver fatigue is caused by more than just too many hours on the road. This is why Hours of Service (HOS) regulations won’t be enough to reduce major factors caused by driver fatigue. Fatigue is also caused by:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Schedule
  • Eating habits
  • Activity levels

Commercial trucking companies need to educate management and employees on all of the factors that contribute to driver fatigue. It is also important for the organizations to create risk management programs to help reduce the occurrence of employees driving while fatigued. Once those risk management programs are established, companies need to audit them to make sure they are effective.

The NTSB will be creating many education programs to help combat driver fatigue, impaired driving and distracted driving throughout 2016. Attending these programs can help your company issues policies that will go beyond HOS regulations to mitigate risk and increase safety.

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