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Rent-a-Captives as a Trucking Insurance Solution

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Rent-a-captives, as well as other captive and self insurance options, are great for trucking companies who are looking to stabilize insurance costs. However, since not all trucking companies are capable of undertaking the formation of their own captive, rent-a-captives are the ideal solution.

A rent-a-captive is defined as “an arrangement whereby a capital base is accessed by a third party that wishes to form a captive but without the cost or time involved in having to incorporate a separate entity”. A group rent-a-captive is then comprised of multiple businesses rather than a single company.

Transportation Alternative Risk Program

The Transportation Alternative Risk Program (TARP) was organized in 2001. TARP is a trucking-specific, group rent-a-captive that was established to give each participant the opportunity to be in a program that they could not undertake on their own. Through a sound loss prevention program and stringent loss control practices each individual company will better manage not only their losses, but also control their own insurance costs over the long run.

Benefits of TARP

  • Homogenous captive where participants are all like-minded individuals from the trucking industry and are able to share risk management information and ideas.
  • Allows each participant to better manage their losses and control their own insurance costs.
  • The program assists with establishing loss prevention as a culture.
  • Each participant has the opportunity to be nominated to the Board of Governors.
  • Average loss ratio of 46 percent (as of 12/31/2016).

What We Provide

  • Lunch and Learn Opportunities
  • Annual Membership Meeting


  • Minimum premium of $100,000
  • Financially sound
  • Profitable five (5) year loss history
  • Strong risk tolerance
  • Willing to share risk of group
  • Sound management, hiring and risk management
  • Prepared to stay in program at least (5) years

Truck Writers, Inc. acts as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for Transportation Alternative Risk Program (TARP) and Midwest Safety Group (MSG). TARP is a rent-a-captive, while MSG is a Minnesota workers’ compensation self-insurance group. Both programs were designed to assist trucking companies with increasing insurance costs.

To learn more about our insurance programs or our other commercial trucking insurance offerings, contact us today!

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