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2017 International Roadcheck: The Results

By August 30, 2017April 26th, 2019No Comments

The results are in for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 2017 International Roadcheck. The 30th annual roadcheck took place June 6-8, 2017.

2017 International Roadcheck Results

During the 72-hour period, approximately 62,000 driver and vehicle safety inspections on large trucks and buses were conducted.

Of those inspected, 19.4 percent of vehicles were placed out of service. Additionally, 4.7 percent of drivers were placed out of service.

Vehicle OOS Violations

The top three out-of-service violations for vehicles were as follow:

  • Brake systems (26.9 percent)
  • Cargo securement (15.7 percent)
  • Tires/wheels (15.1 percent)

Brake systems was also the number one out-of-service violation in 2016, followed by tires/wheels and brake adjustment.

Driver OOS Violations

The top three driver-related violations were as follow:

  • Hours of service (32.3 percent)
  • Wrong class license (14.9 percent)
  • False log book (11.3 percent)

Hours of service was also the number one out-of-service violation in 2016, followed by false log book and improper endorsement.

There were also 710 safety belt violations during the 2017 spree. To learn more about the importance of seat belt usage, please click here.

2017 Emphasis: Cargo Securement

Each year, International Roadcheck places special emphasis on a category of violations. This year’s focus was cargo securement.

Cargo securement violations (not including hazardous materials/dangerous goods loading/securement) represented 15.7 percent of all vehicle out of service violations during 2017 International Roadcheck.

The top five violations related to cargo securement (out of a total of 3,282) in the United States were:

  1. No or improper load securement (423)
  2. Failure to secure vehicle equipment (379)
  3. Leaking, spilling, blowing, falling cargo (281)
  4. Insufficient tiedowns to prevent forward movement for load not blocked by headerboard, bulkhead or cargo (256)
  5. Failure to secure load (178)

Additional information about the results may be found on the CVSA’s website.

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