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New FMCSA Beyond Compliance Initiative – Now Open to Public Comment

By April 24, 2015April 26th, 2019No Comments

dotlogoThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a request for public comment on its exploratory initiative to find ways to reward carriers who deploy safety technologies or implement safety programs that exceed regulatory requirements.

In an April 23 Federal Register posting, FMCSA asked stakeholders to answer specific questions and offer any supporting data the agency should consider in the potential development of its “Beyond Compliance” program.

“Beyond Compliance would include voluntary programs implemented by motor carriers that exceed regulatory requirements, and improve the safety of commercial motor vehicles and drivers operating on the nations’ roadways by reducing the number and severity of crashes,” FMCSA said.

The agency said, however, the initiative will not result in regulatory relief.

FMCSA wants to know what voluntary technologies or safety program best practices would be appropriate for beyond compliance, what type of incentives would encourage motor carriers to invest in technologies and best practices programs, and how the agency could verify that the voluntary technologies or safety programs were being implemented.

“The U.S. Department of Transportation and motor carriers have invested millions of dollars in research, development and implementation of strategies and technologies to reduce truck and bus crashes,” the announcement said. “FMCSA is evaluating the impacts of considering a company’s proactive voluntary implementation of state-of-the-art best practices and technologies when evaluating the carrier’s safety.”

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