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What to Consider When Quoting Your Trucking Insurance Online

By May 3, 2017April 26th, 2019No Comments

Within the last couple of years, many consumers have turned to online quoting tools for their insurance needs. While online insurance quotes are fine for simple coverages, you may want to consider consulting an agent for your trucking insurance needs.

The Appeal of Online Insurance Quotes

The idea that you can “control” the insurance process is what oftentimes makes choosing to buy insurance online appealing to consumers. By not working with an insurance agent, the process can be completed relatively quickly. However, the ease of the online process should be of concern to some.

The Reality of Online Insurance Quotes

The simplicity of online quoting tools can lead to inaccurate coverages. Additionally, the consumer is not submitting nearly as much information online as they would when working with an agent. Therefore, the consumer cannot be sure he or she is actually receiving the best price possible.

Here is a list of what an insurance provider should require when quoting a trucking operation:

  • Driver List – How many drivers? How experienced are the drivers? How clean is each driver’s driving record?
  • Equipment List – How many tractors and trailer are there? How much is the equipment worth? How old is the equipment?
  • IFTA Reports – How many  miles has your operation traveled during the last four quarters? Are you running a short- or long-haul operation?
  • Loss Runs – How many claims has your operation had in the last three years?
  • Commodities Hauled – What are the top three or four commodities being hauled? Are hazardous materials being hauled?
  • Certificate of Insurance – What is your current coverage? Is it enough? Is it too much?
  • Owner Information – What is his or her industry experience?
  • Safety Information – Is there a Safety Director? Do you have a safety manual or driver guidelines? Does the equipment have extra safety features (i.e., EOBRs, GPS, speed governed, etc.)?
  • Financial Information – Was the previous year profitable? How stable is your operation?

In addition to an insurance agent being able to represent and advocate for your trucking operation during the quoting process, there are other benefits to choosing to be insured through an agency.

To learn more about Truck Writers trucking insurance offerings, or to receive a trucking insurance quote, contact an agent today!

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