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Take the Time to Recognize the Unsung Heroes of the Road

By August 12, 2015April 26th, 2019No Comments

Millions of trucks and their drivers travel across the country to deliver essential goods and services. Everyone depends on trucks to deliver food, medicine, office supplies, technology, and a zillion other products that we use every day.

Most Americans don’t consider the important role truck drivers play in their lives until a catastrophe or severe weather conditions delays deliveries.

Truck drivers are indispensible to our national and global economies. They are key players in the health and happiness of our families, the success of our businesses and so much more. Truck drivers keep America moving.

There are some truck drivers who are clearly everyday heroes. These are the men – and women – who really enjoy their work and take the time to do things right.

Everyday truck driver heroes drive safely ALL the time. They know that not only their lives are at stake, but the lives of every person who could be impacted by a poor driving decision. They are the drivers who are patient and don’t let other driver’s lack of knowledge or poor decision making upset them.

Truck driver heroes teach rookie drivers how to respect the job. They care enough to teach the newbies the ropes, how to share the road responsibly and how to make a sustainable career out of truck driving.

The road warriors that are true heroes know how to keep away from work-related issues and take the high road whenever possible.

Truck drivers are often in the position of helping drivers who are complete strangers. Because they spend so much time on the road, the chances that they will be the first person on the scene of an accident, or a burning vehicle, or a RV sideways in a rain-filled ditch. And when they are the first ones there, they stop and take the time to help in whatever way is needed.

Those are the everyday, unsung heroes of the trucking industry. Take a moment and consider the important role truck drivers play in all of our lives. And, if you know one, thank him or her. He or she will certainly appreciate the recognition.

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