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Charity Spotlight:

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The charity, was founded by Robert Palm, a 30-year over-the-road veteran, to “reunite North American truck drivers and their family in times of crisis.”

Current Programs

The charity currently offers assistance to North American truck drivers through the following five programs:

  1. Death of a truck driver.
  2. Severe injury of a truck driver.
  3. Major medical event of a truck driver.
  4. Death, severe injury or major medical event of a family member of a truck driver at home.
  5. Truck driver mobility program.

Programs in Development

In addition to its current programs, is working to develop three additional programs.

The first of these programs (6) would provide a check in the amount of $1,000 to the immediate next of kin of a fallen driver within 24 hours to help offset any related costs they incurred. Final development and implementation of this program is anticipated to be announced in late 2016.

The second program in development (7) will provide 24-hour grief counseling services beginning early 2017.

The third (8) program was informally announced in March 2016. By early 2018, will have a location, groundwork, planning and permits in place to begin operation of a camp for children who have lost a CDL truck driver parent out on the road, away from home.

The charity sees these eight major program making dramatic changes in assurance and confidence of family members, as well as North American truck drivers, by showing that there are resources available should any crisis befall them or their loved.

Active Campaigns

In 2015, launched its inaugural Christmas campaign for children of truckers, called “Sleigh Bells and Santa.” This annual campaign helps kids endure their first Christmas after losing their CDL trucker parent. Additionally, for those truckers who have terminally ill children, the charity will “grant wishes.” Donations are now open for Sleigh Bells and Santa 2016. began a new campaign in April 2016 to raise funds to purchase a RV Coach. The Newmar Corporation kicked off the campaign with a $1,000 donation. The charity hopes to have enough funds to purchased the coach in late-2016 or early-2017. Find out more about the Mobility Coach Campaign.

For more information about, please visit the website. If you are looking for advice on insurance, contact Truck Writers today.

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