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Top Policies for Running a Safe Trucking Operation

By October 11, 2017April 26th, 2019No Comments

We have said it before, and we will say it again: A safe trucking business is a profitable trucking business.

For any trucking operation, it is important to provide employees with materials that enhance your business’ safety culture. Not only will this keep costs down, but it will help keep employees safe.

Here are a few samples of policies that every motor carrier should not only have, but also communicate to employees.

Top Trucking Company Policies

Safe Following Distance Policy

The Six-Second Rule is the best method for determining a safe following distance in normal highway driving conditions. But, do your drivers know to slow down three to five miles per hour in rush hour traffic? Having a Safe Following Distance Policy in place will ensure that your drivers know the company driving standards.

Cell Phone Usage Policy

Distractions significantly affect the focus needed to safely operate a motor vehicle. Therefore, it’s essential that your drivers need to know the company’s stance on cell phone usage while driving under the company’s authority.

Passenger Program Checklist

While Truck Writers advises against non-CDL holder passengers, we understand that motor carriers oftentimes offer a passenger program as a driver incentive. A Passenger Program Checklist informs your drivers about the necessary qualifications for eligible passengers and expected behavior while operating on the road.

Seatbelt Usage Policy

Seatbelts are proven to greatly reduce the risk of dying or being seriously injured in a minor vehicle crash. Additionally, your drivers need to be aware that seatbelt usage is a federal requirement for commercial drivers under FMCSR 392.16.

Click here to see a sampling of Truck Writers’ recommended policies and procedures.

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