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Top 4 Trends Driving Vocational Truck Design in 2016

By November 30, 2016April 26th, 2019No Comments

With 2016 dwindling down, let’s take a look at the four vocational truck design trends that took the market by storm this past year.

#1 Automatics make their move

Manufacturers have focused on maximizing driver comfort and minimizing fatigue to attract younger drivers to the trucking industry. The younger generations want to drive in a comfortable, quieter environment, which automated manual transmissions (AMTs) provide.

AMTs make drivers more productive and efficient, which results in a better overall experience that appeals to a broader base of drivers.

#2 Safety, safety, safety

With the rise of medical bills, legal fees, and trucking insurance, the practicality of advanced safety systems is becoming hard to ignore. This can best be seen in this year’s increase of adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, lane departure warning, tire pressure management, and stability control systems in vocational trucks.

Drive cams are also becoming normative. They have proven to be well worth the investment for many companies when their footage helps to determine a lawsuit in the company’s favor.

#3 Engines downsize

As the article points out, not everyone needs the power of a 15-liter engine. Consumers are beginning to embrace the lighter, more fuel efficient options on the market.

2016 engines are also delivered significant power, while still remaining fuel efficient.

#4 Increasingly connected trucks

While the connectivity of trucks is still limited by the industry’s developing standards, vehicle telematics are now being used by several companies to combat safety issues.

Connectivity allows the truck to communicate when there is a mechanical or safety issue. This oftentimes allows for the repair to be taken care of overnight, maximizing uptime.

We can easily envision these trends continuing into 2017, and can’t wait to see what manufacturers will be coming up with next.

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