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I-35E HOV Lane Laws Cause Concern Among Truckers

By January 5, 2016April 26th, 2019No Comments

On January 4th, Minnesota’s I-35E HOV lanes opened to traffic. Unlike most cities, tractor-trailers can use the lanes as long as two people are visible in the cab.

The required visibility of two individuals worried team truck drivers since the two alternate between driving and sleeping, meaning only one driver would typically be visible in the cab since the other is in the sleeper bunk.

We reached out to MnDOT to address this concern. Bobbie Dahlke, MnPASS Communications, stated, “If there is a second person in the sleeper cab, the truck driver does run the risk of being pulled over by law enforcement, however, a citation would not be issued since upon stopping the truck the second driver would be identified.”

Dahlke also compared the situation to seeing small children or infants in car seats.

While this is not an ideal solution to the problem, team truck drivers should still be encouraged to take advantage of the new I-35E HOV lanes knowing that while they may be stopped, they will not be fined.

Tolls for using the express lane will be charged to vehicles occupied by only one person and range from 25 cents to $8 depending on traffic. The lanes will be open to all drivers during non-peak periods.

For more general information on the I-35E HOV lanes: Click Here

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