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Top Questions: When and How to Use DataQs

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Have you received a wrongful out-of-service violation? How about an incorrectly assigned crash? If so, DataQs is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) online system where you can request a review of FMCSA-issued data.

Getting Started with DataQs

First, it is important to know that DataQs is an online portal. The portal recognizes four levels of users: (1) the general public; (2) commercial drivers and motor carriers; (3) FMCSA/State agency personnel; and, (4) FMCSA administrative users. All users are required to register with the DataQs system before being able to use it.

Once you’ve registered, you may request and track a review of Federal and State data issued by the FMCSA that you feel may be incomplete or incorrect. The system automatically forwards your Request for Data Review (RDR) to the appropriate office for resolution and collects updates and responses for current Requests.

What Requests Can be Made?

Requests types are organized into the following groups:

  • Crash Event
    • Assigned to wrong carrier, driver, or crash
    • Not reportable
    • Not preventable
    • Duplicate record
    • Missing record
    • Incorrect information
  • Inspection Event
    • Report requested
    • Incorrect violation
    • Assigned to wrong carrier, driver, or inspection
    • Missing record
    • Duplicate record
    • Incorrect information
  • DOT Audit/Investigation
    • Safety audit
    • Compliance review
    • CSA investigation
    • Fine as a result of NOC or NOV
  • Registration/Insurance
    • MCS-150 carrier registration
    • Operating authority
    • Licensing and insurance information
    • Not registered or improperly registered (motor carrier).
  • Household Goods (HHG) Complaints
    • fraudulent or duplicate complaint

What Requests Cannot be Made?

The DataQs system cannot be used to address the following:

  • Alleged errors in a safety rating determination
  • Allegations in a notice of claim
  • Questions concerning CSA or SMS
  • Determinations on crash preventability

For more information about the DataQs system, you may visit the website.

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